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The Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board is the state agency that licenses and regulates motor vehicle/trailer/motorcycle dealers. The Board also licenses manufacturers and distributors and their representatives. The Board licenses Wrecker/Salvage businesses that buy vehicles to dismantle the vehicle for the purpose of selling parts or to sell the vehicle as scrap. Auto Auctions are licensed by the Board. The Board also takes consumer complaints against licensed Nebraska dealers.

The Nebraska statutes can be located at The Motor Vehicle Industry Regulation Act is Nebraska Statutes 60-1401 through 60-1441. The statute regarding "in-transits" can be found at 60-376. The statutes for dealer plate use and dealer plates are 60-373 and 60-3,114 through 60-3,117. Wrecker/Salvage statutes are located under 60-2601 through 60-2608.

The Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board is made up of ten Board Members who are appointed by the Governor and serve for a three year appointment. The Chairperson of the Board is the Director of the Department of Motor Vehicles. The remaining members are one member of the general public, one new motor vehicle dealer from each of the three congressional districts, two used motor vehicle dealers, one trailer dealer, one factory representative, and one motorcycle dealer. The Board meets on a regular basis (usually the third Thursday of the month). Contact the office for current agenda information.

The Board staff is made up of an Executive Director, five field investigators and three office personnel. The Board office is open during regular business hours.

301 Centennial Mall S. PO Box 94697 Lincoln, NE 68509-4697 (402) 471-2148
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